Katherine Xu

I am a second-year CS PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, affiliated with the GRASP Lab. I'm grateful to be advised by Prof. Jianbo Shi.

I received my bachelor's and master's in Computer Science at MIT, where I collaborated with research groups at MIT CSAIL, MIT Quest for Intelligence, and MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative. I've also had the pleasure to intern at Meta and the Honda Research Institute.

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I'm interested in computer vision, generative AI, multimodal learning, and scene understanding.

Detecting Image Attribution for Text-to-Image Diffusion Models in RGB and Beyond
Katherine Xu, Lingzhi Zhang, Jianbo Shi
arXiv, 2024
paper / code

Amodal Completion via Progressive Mixed Context Diffusion
Katherine Xu, Lingzhi Zhang, Jianbo Shi
CVPR, 2024   (Highlight - 2.8% of submissions, 11.9% of accepted papers)
paper / project page / code

Seeing the hidden in images using a pretrained diffusion model by tackling challenging occlusion and object co-occurrence.

Chemistry Insights for Large Pretrained Graph Neural Networks
Katherine Xu, Janice Lan
NeurIPS AI for Science Workshop, 2022

Analyzing neural networks trained on the Open Catalyst dataset by comparing their predictions with chemical intuition. Work done during an internship at Meta AI.

A Novel Digital Algorithm for Identifying Liver Steatosis Using Smartphone-Captured Images
Katherine Xu*, Siavash Raigani*, A. Shih, S. G. Baptista, I. Rosales, N. M. Parry, S. G. Shroff, J. Misdraji, K. Uygun, H. Yeh, Katherine Fairchild, Leigh Anne Dageforde
Transplantation Direct, 2022
paper / code

Segmenting and quantifying liver steatosis using computer vision and image processing.

Linking Threat Tactics, Techniques, and Patterns with Defensive Weaknesses, Vulnerabilities and Affected Platform Configurations for Cyber Hunting
Erik Hemberg, Jonathan Kelly, Michal Shlapentokh-Rothman, Bryn Reinstadler,
Katherine Xu, Nick Rutar, Una-May O'Reilly
arXiv, 2021
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penn Teaching Assistant, CIS 6800 Advanced Topics in Machine Perception, Fall 2023